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The Vanguard | March 29, 2015

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Breathalyzer Announces Uber Partnership

February 24, 2015

Breathalyzer, the architects behind the innovative personal breathalyzer Breeze, are teaming up with Uber to chip away at the number of drunk driving incidents. The first smartphone blood alcohol content analyzer announced Wednesday that it has been testing API Integration … Read More

Q Drum – A Roll Forward

December 10, 2014

Most of us studying in an American college cannot even imagine what it’s like to live a day without clean and accessible supply of water. However there are millions in this world who need to travel everyday for miles to … Read More

Virgin America IPO – Why Everyone’s a Winner

December 10, 2014

You may know Virgin America as an extension of Richard Branson’s Virgin empire that boasts the prestigious Virgin Atlantic airline brand. Virgin America is based in California, operating primarily out of Los Angeles and San Francisco; and is currently in … Read More

Original Warhol Sales Spark Royalty Debate

December 10, 2014

As the fall art auction season comes to a close, tenacious collectors close in on pricey pieces, scavenging through a struggling art market. On November 12, collectors kept a close eye on two particularly renown pieces on the block … Read More

Does the Smart Watch Signal the End of the Luxury Watch?

December 10, 2014

The luxury watch: a symbol of prestige, money, and sophistication.  Seeing steady growth in the past half-decade, the Swiss luxury watch industry has been cruising comfortably as a market out of sight of today’s average consumer distracted by … Read More

Video Game Economies: Eve Online

December 10, 2014

If someone told you that a video game had an economy so intricate that the developers hired an economist to study and regulate it, you might think they were insane, or at least moderately confused. As it turns out, you’d … Read More

Innovation in Imitation

December 10, 2014

A friend told me a story of his visit to Amman, Jordan. His father was flying to a conference that board-members of his company were asked to attend, so he invited his son along. During the conference, there was a period … Read More

The Vanguard Team Takes on the Intuit Idea Jam

December 10, 2014

While The Vanguard is often observing the frontlines of entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the Claremont Colleges and beyond, it is not often that the opportunity to participate arises. When Claremont hosted its 5th annual Intuit Idea Jam, three … Read More

EA’s Music Library: The Next Stepping Stone?

December 10, 2014

Few worldly things are as exciting as the release of a new franchise videogame. With annual releases comes the annual talk of the new, ‘unreal’ graphics, gameplay and other features; but what seems to have a bigger impact than we … Read More